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Shards of shattered glass

Suspend all around me.

It’s cold, dark.

A hot throbbing on my head, my body

Crimson red flows up with me,

But no pain

I’m flying.

Vision blurs into black

The sound of screeching wheels

Fall away into far distance

As I imagine the

New life that is approaching.


Time has completely,



But then peace is

Interrupted by an

Excruciating scream for rescue that

Resounds inside my chest.

My heart is tearing everything apart,

Vigorously pounding

To send me a message.

Silence becomes a hollow echo, and

I, too, find myself trying to escape

Eyes flickering in desperation


Fear floods my mind.

Finally it reaches my ear:

You’re going to die.


Bathroom Powers

Legs stagger

Steel stilts that merely act as legs.

I ponder, “When did I get this tall?”


Without notice I reach my destination,

do business

flush toilet

go to sink

wash hands

look into mirror…



Then nothing.



With water still running,

With hands still soaped,

With sincere disbelief

I ask, “Who is this guy?”


I meet him at the mirror and glare

Faces nearly touching

at an almost microscopic level

His flaws glow:

Bumps, dryness, unnatural facial hair,

I recoil in shock.


“You’re so handsome!”

“You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“I wish I could be as gifted as you.”

“Why are you so smart?”

“What would it be like to be you –“


You want to be


This face used to be

bright, round, smiling all day,

Emanating joy and innocence

that I could hold like a

sphere of pure, white light

in the palm of my hand.


What would it be like to be me, you say?


I jerk my face from the reflection,

and head out the door.

If only you looked as close as I did,

You would see

an imperfection

Beyond all that I’ve told you.

My Mother

She showers me with her love,

kissing me on the cheeks,

asking what I want to eat,

asking how I’ve been

for the past few months.

But why can I not return

This wonderful gift,

Instead tossing her image to the side,

To the blindness of my eye?

Although I cannot see it,

I know

That on her face is the same

Unbearably bright smile

More genuine than goodness itself.

(Hate) Me

A blinding screech

Escapes my lungs

As I walk

In darkness.


Breathing turns to fiendish growls.

Shoulders hunch and my back rises

A despicable creature.


Just before surrender

I scan the area to ensure solitude.

Impatient eyes fall on the path

And another ferocious cry explodes from my chest

Like that of a beast in captivity,

Frantically demanding release.


My face becomes distorted as this

Ominous presence

Materializes from within.

Hideous, I think,

Unlike anything I could imagine.

And at this realization,

I stop.


My heart beating rapidly.

This thing inside me,

Seeming to have come

From darkness itself.


Unless it has always been a part of me.

Dormant like a dog,

Performing the only trick he was taught –

To play dead –

Since he was born.

About Me

Sugy Ghang (legally, Daniel) is an aspiring writer as a sophomore student at the University of Michigan currently on the track of a Computer Science major and English minor. He is the youngest child of three brothers, and was raised in Troy, Michigan. Most of his time on college campus is spent in academics, in Sinaboro (a Korean traditional drumming group), and in a Christian organization called Harvest Missions Community Church. The major and minor that Sugy is following now were discovered as he was exploring different areas of study his freshman year. During this journey, Sugy has also found his passions in his Christian faith, listening to/playing music, teaching, and writing (a relatively new interest). Although unsure whether he will work in the Computer Science industry or become an English teacher after he graduates, Sugy has daily hope that he is living purposefully during his time as a student.


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