Legs stagger

Steel stilts that merely act as legs.

I ponder, “When did I get this tall?”


Without notice I reach my destination,

do business

flush toilet

go to sink

wash hands

look into mirror…



Then nothing.



With water still running,

With hands still soaped,

With sincere disbelief

I ask, “Who is this guy?”


I meet him at the mirror and glare

Faces nearly touching

at an almost microscopic level

His flaws glow:

Bumps, dryness, unnatural facial hair,

I recoil in shock.


“You’re so handsome!”

“You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“I wish I could be as gifted as you.”

“Why are you so smart?”

“What would it be like to be you –“


You want to be


This face used to be

bright, round, smiling all day,

Emanating joy and innocence

that I could hold like a

sphere of pure, white light

in the palm of my hand.


What would it be like to be me, you say?


I jerk my face from the reflection,

and head out the door.

If only you looked as close as I did,

You would see

an imperfection

Beyond all that I’ve told you.