Breathing turns to fiendish growls.

Shoulders hunch and my back rises

A despicable creature.


I scan the endless forest

Surrounding me to ensure solitude.

A sweet breeze attempts to help,

But uninvited, is instead

Received by moaning trees.


Impatient eyes fall on the path

My journey into darkness continues.

A ferocious cry explodes from my chest

Like that of a beast in captivity,

Frantically demanding release.


My face becomes distorted as this

Ominous presence

Materializes from within.

Hideous, I think,

Unlike anything I could imagine

And at this realization, I stop.


My heart beating rapidly.

This thing inside me,

Seeming to have come

From darkness itself.




It has always been a part of me.

Dormant like a dog

Performing the only trick he was taught–

To play dead–

Since he was born.