Legs stagger

Steel stilts that merely act as legs

I ponder, “When did I get this tall?”


I reach my destination

do business

flush toilet

go to sink

wash hands

look into mirror…


With water still running

With hands soaped

With eyes wide open

I ask him who he is


We meet at the mirror and I glare

Faces nearly touching

Flaws glow:

Bumps, dryness, unnatural facial hair

I recoil in shock as I unmistakably hear,


“You’re so handsome!”

“You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“What would it be like to be you –“


Burning with rage I stop him

with a sharp stab of my finger


You want to be


You’ve forgotten this face was

Bright, shining and smiling day by day,

Emanating joy and innocence

We could hold like a

Sphere of pure, white light

In the palm of our hands


What would it be like to

Be me now, you say?


I jerk away

Slamming the door and find

Tears falling from my eyes.


I left him alone

Unchanged, forever reflecting

The face of betrayal

By his only trusted friend.