The idea for the characters and plot in my short story came about very spontaneously. The choice for setting the story in a drive-in is due to my familiarity with it, and also the fact that creating a suspenseful story in such a place is unsuspecting and interesting in itself. For the rest of my ideas, however, I’m not quite sure of their origins. I certainly wanted the story to depict an emotional relationship between two people, and I thought that the strongest way to portray that would be through the love of a father for his daughter. A lot of what the final draft is now came about during the process that I was writing it; I knew very little of what my story was going to be about before actually writing it.

After my first draft, I realized just how much the story is centered around the relationship between Jinny and her father. Due to the strong creation of this relationship, the missing parts of the characters’ backgrounds became more evident, and frustrated readers for not knowing enough about them. In my final draft, I shed light on these missing pieces (or at least try to): Jinny’s mother, the aftermath of Jinny’s first boyfriend, the reason for the narrator’s “spying,” the explanation of the narrator’s love for nature sounds, etc. I do this not solely for the sake of preventing confusion, but all for the sake of building up the foundation of the relationship between the narrator and Jinny, nurturing it to really produce the meaning at hand: the strengthening of two peoples’ relationship with one another amidst unfortunate circumstances. Compared with my first draft, this story has really taken a lot of turns to portray this meaning more powerfully, especially in the ending. Hopefully my short story will be engaging, gripping in suspense, and creating satisfaction in its new conclusion.