For my repurposed art assignment, I wrote and performed a song inspired by the last scene in my short story, in which the father struggles to bear shame in front of his traumatized daughter. My song is intended to portray his enormous desire to justify himself to regain the trust of his daughter, through a solemn, intense melody, and through lyrics written in a first-person perspective. During the composition process, I unexpectedly discovered a mix of poetry and song: the lyrics have the poetic element of action and description, while also having lines with the sole purpose of producing a memorable melody (particularly, the lines that have “tell her” in common, repeated within the chorus).

I was in all honesty, sincerely troubled in the process of deciding how to recreate this scene in my short story. When I first heard this assignment, I considered music, the one area of creative expression that I may possibly have talent in, but understanding the great difficulty that comes with song composition and my own inexperience with music (I learned to play guitar and sing myself and do so merely as a hobby), I quickly turned that idea down. At the same time, however, I didn’t want to recreate the scene into prose or poetry. I wanted to try something new and fresh. But as I pondered the possibilities that were listed in my instructor’s alternative suggestions: playwriting, sculpture, photography, illustration, etc., I panicked after realizing my lack of talent in all of those areas. Seeing no better option, I settled with my initial proposition and persevered through grime and fire to create my first vocal composition ever.

As embarrassing as this is for me, here it is: I Want to Tell Her



My tears fade away

Into the rain pouring on my face.

The sky above grows dark,

The sincerity of heart

Hidden now.


I look into her devastated eyes and

Want to tell her


I want to tell her

To trust me

I have to tell her

To give me a chance

I must now tell her

To see beyond what she sees now.


But my lips stay still

She turns her broken gaze away

My heart is tearing into two



Move on with your life

Do what you want

I love you nonetheless