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A Step Into Space
















The man almost takes a sip

when he notices the bartender

offering the same drink to the

woman on his right. He peers


over to determine her worthiness

in making such a request, and is

caught by the lush glow emanating

from the woman. The man slyly


examines her, while holding a cigar

firmly between his relaxed, calling

hand. As expected, the woman is

gravitated towards his irresistible


gaze. Only experts can play this game

with this subtlety. But she does not

easily surrender. The smooth, silk

garment slides down from her arm

to her wrist, as if on its own. The


man is pulled, but his body remains

anchored to the pride in the glass

he is holding, the kindle to his own

glow. The bartender soon fades,


along with the sound of polishing

wine glasses. All sound drowns out,

and a silent chasm forms between

them. And they wait for each other.


He inhales and exhales from his cigar

and slowly sets it down on the table.

The man looks again at the woman,

Now staring straight into his eyes, his


heart, and is given strength to pry his

left hand from his source of security.

He takes a step into the space between

them, beginning the merging of a fully


complete, vibrant world.



-Art by Brent Lynch


Immigrant Dad

My father, surely a wonderful man

So dedicated, I’m reminded, when

He tells me he came to the States for me

At the cost of his bright future career.

So warm-hearted, he says he loves me each

Time I kiss him good-night, tucked nice in bed.

So loving, a soft smile appears when I

Look at him, and he asks me if I want

To eat gourmet dinners, until the day

I asked, “What are we doing today, dad?”


The ends of his familiar round smile

Drop to reveal an empty plateau that

Crack open to release fury which seeps

As I question in fear, “Who is this man?”

Bathroom Powers

Legs stagger

Steel stilts that merely act as legs.

I ponder, “When did I get this tall?”


Without notice I reach my destination,

do business

flush toilet

go to sink

wash hands

look into mirror…



Then nothing.



With water still running,

With hands still soaped,

With sincere disbelief

I ask, “Who is this guy?”


I meet him at the mirror and glare

Faces nearly touching

at an almost microscopic level

His flaws glow:

Bumps, dryness, unnatural facial hair,

I recoil in shock.


“You’re so handsome!”

“You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“I wish I could be as gifted as you.”

“Why are you so smart?”

“What would it be like to be you –“


You want to be


This face used to be

bright, round, smiling all day,

Emanating joy and innocence

that I could hold like a

sphere of pure, white light

in the palm of my hand.


What would it be like to be me, you say?


I jerk my face from the reflection,

and head out the door.

If only you looked as close as I did,

You would see

an imperfection

Beyond all that I’ve told you.

(Hate) Me

A blinding screech

Escapes my lungs

As I walk

In darkness.


Breathing turns to fiendish growls.

Shoulders hunch and my back rises

A despicable creature.


Just before surrender

I scan the area to ensure solitude.

Impatient eyes fall on the path

And another ferocious cry explodes from my chest

Like that of a beast in captivity,

Frantically demanding release.


My face becomes distorted as this

Ominous presence

Materializes from within.

Hideous, I think,

Unlike anything I could imagine.

And at this realization,

I stop.


My heart beating rapidly.

This thing inside me,

Seeming to have come

From darkness itself.


Unless it has always been a part of me.

Dormant like a dog,

Performing the only trick he was taught –

To play dead –

Since he was born.