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Suddenly Alone

Legs stagger

Steel stilts that merely act as legs

I ponder, “When did I get this tall?”


I reach my destination

do business

flush toilet

go to sink

wash hands

look into mirror…


With water still running

With hands soaped

With eyes wide open

I ask him who he is


We meet at the mirror and I glare

Faces nearly touching

Flaws glow:

Bumps, dryness, unnatural facial hair

I recoil in shock as I unmistakably hear,


“You’re so handsome!”

“You have a girlfriend, don’t you?”

“What would it be like to be you –“


Burning with rage I stop him

with a sharp stab of my finger


You want to be


You’ve forgotten this face was

Bright, shining and smiling day by day,

Emanating joy and innocence

We could hold like a

Sphere of pure, white light

In the palm of our hands


What would it be like to

Be me now, you say?


I jerk away

Slam the door, and find

Tears falling from my eyes



Him alone

Unchanged, forever

Reflecting the face of

Betrayal by his

Only trusted friend.














(Art by Brent Lynch)


He almost takes a sip when He hears

Her order. Skeptical of Her class, He

peers at Her, only to be caught by Her

lush glow. She has already made the


first move. One point for Her. He

breaks this trance to make the next.

Confidence seeps through His cigar.

He lights it with a crisp, and draws


Her gaze to His. One point for Him.

The bartender interrupts their game

and hands Her a martini. The smooth,

silk garment slides down Her arm,


shoulder to wrist, like a river effortlessly

flows across ground. He is pulled. Two

points for Her. But somehow His body

resists and anchors itself to His own


glistening drink. The bartender fades,

along with the sound of polishing wine

glasses, and a silent chasm forms

between them. They wait–


He smokes his cigar to fill Himself

with what pride remains, but it

vanishes like the smoke He exhales

into the dying air. He looks at Her

and sees a goddess giving life to His


heart. He sets down His cigar. He pries

His hand from the martini. He takes

the first step into the space between.


(Hate) Me

Breathing turns to fiendish growls.

Shoulders hunch and my back rises

A despicable creature.


I scan the endless forest

Surrounding me to ensure solitude.

A sweet breeze attempts to help,

But uninvited, is instead

Received by moaning trees.


Impatient eyes fall on the path

My journey into darkness continues.

A ferocious cry explodes from my chest

Like that of a beast in captivity,

Frantically demanding release.


My face becomes distorted as this

Ominous presence

Materializes from within.

Hideous, I think,

Unlike anything I could imagine

And at this realization, I stop.


My heart beating rapidly.

This thing inside me,

Seeming to have come

From darkness itself.




It has always been a part of me.

Dormant like a dog

Performing the only trick he was taught–

To play dead–

Since he was born.

I’m safe because of his rules. I tip-toe

into his room at night and gaze at his

trophies, sparkling like crystals, sleeping snug

in the warmth of a lamp. I reach for one

and wrap my arms around it, rocking it

gently side-to-side, talking to it like

daddy always does. But then his shadow

looms over me. My body freezes. I

turn, but don’t see daddy’s Hollywood smile.


Sometimes daddy cares too much. Spanking hurts

him more. My own Hollywood smile appears

as I look at the hot bruises left by

my fault, and realize how much he loves

such a terrible, bad boy like me.


Shards of shattered glass

Suspend all around me.

It’s cold, dark.

A hot throbbing on my head, my body

Crimson red flows up with me,

But no pain

I’m flying.

Vision blurs into black

The sound of screeching wheels

Fall away into far distance

As I imagine the

New life that is approaching.


Time has completely,



But then peace is

Interrupted by an

Excruciating scream for rescue that

Resounds inside my chest.

My heart is tearing everything apart,

Vigorously pounding

To send me a message.

Silence becomes a hollow echo, and

I, too, find myself trying to escape

Eyes flickering in desperation


Fear floods my mind.

Finally it reaches my ear:

You’re going to die.

My Mother

She showers me with her love,

kissing me on the cheeks,

asking what I want to eat,

asking how I’ve been

for the past few months.

But why can I not return

This wonderful gift,

Instead tossing her image to the side,

To the blindness of my eye?

Although I cannot see it,

I know

That on her face is the same

Unbearably bright smile

More genuine than goodness itself.